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Is Space Discovery a Waste of Money?

Do you know what the newest space telescope is? Well, it is the JWST which st... read more

The Hunt for the Mystery Chest

Today was a super terrible day. There had been a torrential storm, lightning ... read more

The Disappearance of the Crystal Ball

One quiet morning, I woke up from a great sleep. The sky was all clear, and i... read more

My Kiwi Wildlife Report

Have you ever seen a kiwi? Do you know how they look? Kiwis are flightless bi... read more

Diversity is Important in Our Class

A good chef often uses various ingredients to make delicious food.  A gr... read more

Why do we still need to study Maths?

My mum always tells me that "Maths is very important, Joseph. You need to stu... read more

My Amazing Holiday

On Saturday my little brother and I went to drawing class for 1 hour and 30 m... read more


One cold winter night I went camping in woodeat forest by myself with MARSHMA... read more

Hiwi the Kiwi

On Thursday  28th of November the whole school went to hiwi the kiwi at ... read more

The Flower School

When storm-clouds rumble in the sky and June showers come down.The moist east... read more