Today was a super terrible day. There had been a torrential storm, lightning striked and thunder roared. And believe it or not I had accidentally left my favourite watch on the beach! I had to go pick it up, it was a birthday present from my dear grandfather. I put on my warm, cozy jacket and then walked to the beach. I could see a tiny dot in the distance and it was actually my watch! I zoomed over to get it and luckily, it wasn’t broken. My heart was filled with joy!

Suddenly, a large, ancient chest came floating by. How did it come here? I looked around, there was nobody watching. I wondered what was inside. Maybe it would make me rich. Or maybe it would grant me 3 wishes. I was very curious so I carefully unbuckled the lock and opened the heavy lid. To my surprise, there was only an old piece of parchment. That wasn’t what I wanted! But still I unscrolled it. 

It read ‘Dear Whom It may Concern. Find the treasure of the great ghost pirate of Blackbeard. It is somewhere in the park called Rosy Park. There would be other people trying to get it first. So find them for clues.” I knew where Rosy Park was, I always went there in the holidays but I had never seen a chest. Maybe I could go there again to find the chest. I rushed to tell my cousins James and Jack. As I walked back home I wondered where the chest might be hidden. It was already pitch black outside. So I went to bed. I dreamed that the chest was just a trap and then when I found it the ghost pirate Blackbeard came out. 

The next morning I woke up at 3:00 shivering from head to toe. “I don’t want to go on this adventure” I screamed. As you know I am a scaredy-cat, which is the exact opposite of my adventurous cousins and I would prefer to just sit on the couch with a cup of coffee. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. 

“Wake up, Jaspy,” somebody yelled. “Pack up your things.” It was my cousin James! I put on a suit and then hurried to the door to shoo him away. When I opened the door there was nobody there. Unexpectedly, I tripped on a log. Who would put that here! Hahahaha. I should have known it was my cousin Jack, he loves playing pranks on me. All of a sudden, Jack and James pushed me into a car. 

“We’re off,” they yelled. 

When we arrived, Jack and James jumped off the car and pushed him off. As we entered the park there weren’t many people. But there were big holes everywhere! Maybe they were the people who would try to get it faster than us. “We need to look for clues” I exclaimed.

“You right,” replied James. We walked around the park hoping to find the chest in the huge holes and the people who dug the holes. We were about to give up hope when we saw 2 girls holding a digabug. You may have guessed it already, a digabug is a kind of bug which has strong claws making it able to dig very quickly. 

It must have been used to dig up those holes. We have found part of our mission. James, Jack and I walked up to the girls and asked them about the mission. At first they pretended that they didn’t know anything about it. And then when I told them about the chest, they finally told us “We are the assistants of Pirate Blackbeard, remember the treasure may not be where you think it may be.” We thanked the sisters and then made our way to investigate again. But suddenly I tripped on another stone and fell into a pond. Arhh! I bumped into something hard at the bottom of the water, and then I fainted. When I woke up, James picked me out of the water and asked me if I was fine. 

“I accidentally bumped into something hard at the bottom of the pond.” I replied.

“I hope that you are fine now” replied James as he jumped into the pond. 

A moment later, he came out with a huge treasure chest. Luckily it was already dark so nobody else was here. We all cheered loudly. Yahoo! We helped to carry the chest to the grass and then opened the heavy lid. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was full of diamonds, gold, rubies, necklaces, bracelets, gems and many more priceless things. Thai was what I wanted!

We had done it and our mission was complete! We took the chest back home in our car and then I had a nice nice sleep from our busy day. Zzzzzzz.