I am of firm believe that it is important to take care of the environment. In order to know how to take care of the environment, we will first need to know the meaning. So the definition of environment is the surroundings or conditions in which we live. The trees, bushes, dirt and rocks are all part of the environment. But unfortunately the environment is  under great danger. The danger is mostly caused by human activity. I have 3 reasons and they are that …

The Earth Is Warming up, Your Great-Great & Great-Great-Great Grandchildren Will Appreciate It, Earth Is Our Home.

Firstly, the Earth is warming up, this is called Global Warming.Global Warming is mainly caused by  humans exercising and letting out heat. The heat won’t be able to go through the atmosphere, so it will stay in there forever. When global warming happens ice melts and there will be serious floods.  

Secondly, your Great-Great & Great-Great-Great Grandchildren Will Appreciate It. If we keep this going on in the future our next generations will live an uncomfortable life. 

Lastly the Earth is our Home. It’s where we live, so we better take care of it. If everybody does a little bit for our environment it will soon be much better. The more jobs we do the better the world will be.

All in all, we should keep the world a better place.