David Smith is a 36 year-old man who lives in Tokoroa, New Zealand. One day, David asked his family “Why don’t we go to Taupo? I am tired of staying at home.”

“Ok, let's pack our belongings  and drive there in a caravan.” said his wife Christina.

“Yippee!” shouted the 2 kids. You could easily tell that the family is very excited. On that day, David maped their route. Approximately, it will take an hour to get to Taupo. But the family is also going to go to Sheeper Farm to learn about animals. At 8:00 p.m. that day the family went to sleep.

The next day, David woke up from a ringing sound. He looked out of the window and saw the caravan he had hired. Suddenly, he heard his wife’s voice. “Wake up, you lazybones!” she yelled. David quickly got dressed and rushed to the door. To his amazement, his kids were already in the van. 

“Oh, finally you’re here.” said Christina  “And by the way you are going to tell me the directions while I drive this van.” Soon, the family was on the road. 

“Which way?” asked Christina.

“Turn right. Then turn left. Now go straight ahead. Turn left. Go straight. Turn right. Hmm. Is that right or left? I think it is right, yeah right. Hey, which way is right again?” mumbled David.

“RIGHT or LEFT?” shrieked Christina angrily.

But before David could reply a stinky smell filled that caravan.

“Eww!” complained Christina “Where are we?”

“I don’t know,” answered David “It stinks like sulphur and rotten eggs here!”

“Oh! I know.” exclaimed a kid “We are in Rotorua. That is why there is a bad smell.”

Christina quickly drove back to where they had started.

Now the kids were in charge of the map. “Hey.” One of them said “Why don’t we go to Rapid Resting Resort, it is less than a kilometre from here.” 

“Ok,” agreed Christina. After about 20 minutes the Smith family had arrived. Christina couldn’t miss a chance to scold David. “See, even your kids are better than you at reading the map,” she laughed “And you were the one who got us into the trouble so you are going to pay for this resort.”

When the family entered, a kind lady greeted them politely. “Hi,” she said “Would you like to know about the service here at Rapid Relaxing Resort?” Christina and David nodded. 

“In this resort, you can choose to have a massage, go to the outdoor pool or go to the restaurants.” the lady continued.

“I want to book a massage,” said Christina.

“We want to go to the outdoor pool,” yelled the boys excitedly “Daddy, will you come with us.” David couldn’t say no to his dear kids so he agreed. 

There were lots of people at the pool. It was a beautiful sight. But as David was walking he accidentally slipped on a soup and crashed to the floor. 

“Ouchies!” cried David. The 2 kids roared with laughter and then they jumped into a pool. “Come on, Daddy, ” they yelled “Come in!”

“You know that I am a scaredy cat. That pool is too deep.” replied David “I am going to the shallower one over there.” David jumped in the pool but suddenly he shot out of the water. Brrr! One of the workers came to him and said “Sir, this is the Freezing Body Pool.” 

“O-o-h, t-t-t-thank y-y-y-you f-f-for t-t-telling m-m-me.” David replied with his teeth still chattering.

After that he walked to the café where he spotted his wife eating sundaes. When she saw David she said “Hey, want a sundae? They taste very good. I have had 30 of them already.” David felt like he was about to cry but he still replied “That’s great!” When he walked up to the counter he saw that a sundae costs $20. 

“Oh no,” he muttered to himself.

Finally, it was dinner time. David booked a restaurant to eat in. The restaurant is very famous in New Zealand because of its top chef. That made David very excited. He wanted to learn how to make delicious food. So the first thing he did when he entered was run to the kitchen. After about 30 seconds, David got kicked out by the chef. The bad-tempered chef yelled “How dare you enter my kitchen without permission!” The only thing David could do was walk towards the table his family was sitting around. After a while, a delicious smell filled the air. Their food had arrived. Christina and David thanked the waiter. The meal was scrumptious. After the family had finished eating they licked their plates and lips. As David stood up he stretched his hands into the air and gave a yawn. When he was putting his hands back down he accidentally knocked plates off a waiter's hand. The plates fell on the ground  and broke into fragments. Just then, the boss of the restaurant came forward. 

“Oh, I should have known it was you again.” he exclaimed “You were the one who annoyed the chef and disturbed the outdoor pool. I warn you that you will have to pay a huge fine! Now get out!” David ran out of the restaurant as fast as he could and then went back into the caravan where he went to sleep. 

The next day, Christina woke David up. “We have got everything planned. And we have already arrived at Sheeper Farm.” she said. David jumped out of bed and looked out of the window. He could see a vast green forest in the distance. His kids were feeding the animals fresh grass. After a while, David went outside too. For about half an hour they were learning about the animals. Soon, the family got bored. 

“How about we play Catch?” asked David.

“Ok,” replied the boys. The family took turns throwing the ball at each other. But suddenly, David threw the ball into a sheep coop. 

“Go and get it.” ordered Christina. Slowly, David tiptoed to the coop and got the ball. Without noticing he accidentally opened the door of the sheep coop. This made all the 5 sheep run away. 

After a minute of staring at the empty coop, the farmer came out of his hut. “No! No! No! What have you done” he yelled “These sheep are very rare. There are only 7 of them in the entire world, and all of them are on this farm. It took 1 whole year to get all the 5 sheep in the coop but the 2 other ones are still not found. And you will have to get them all back here!” David only nodded. 

“OK, you go south” said Christina pointing at David.

“I will go North”

“The kids go East”

“And then we will all meet in the West.” David nodded again. Soon, the family members were all heading in 3 directions. David walked and walked but there was no sheep in sight. He was about to give up when he saw one eating grass on the floor. 

“Wait for me!” shouted David. But then the sheep ran away. David was deeply depressed. Suddenly, he saw Christina in the distance. He ran up to her. 

When Christina saw him she asked “How many sheep have you found?”

“I haven’t found any but I saw one” answered David slightly embarrassed. 

“What!” said Christina “I have found 2 already. Let's head West.”

As Christina and David, they saw a sheep. Christina quickly took out a net out of her backpack and threw it on the sheep. Another sheep was found!

After a while David and Christina found their kids. “We have found 2 sheep,” they said.

“That’s great.” replied  Christina “I have found 3 and David hasn't found any yet.” David blushed. 

“Daddy, take this.” said the boys, giving David a pot of grass “It will attract the sheep to you.” 

“Oh, thank you” replied David.

Suddenly, David saw 2 sheep coming towards him, “Help,” yelled David running away with the pot in his hand. Then he threw it on the ground. The two kids threw the net on the sheep and then David collapsed on the ground. When David woke up he saw 3 people staring at him. “Good job!” exclaimed Christina. “Now let's take these 2 sheep back to the coop.” One by one the sheep were put back in the coop. Now all the 7 sheep were back. The farmer said thank you to the family. They had lots of fun even by not going to Taupo.

After that, Christina drove back home. The 2 days were very busy.