One day, Jack was bicycling to a stall called the Auspicious Bakery to buy some treats for his son's birthday party. Jack bought a cake and some cupcakes. Baker put the treats into a box. He was just about to 

ride home when he saw his friend Tom going into the car parking area. “HI, how are you” called Jack. But Tom didn’t notice. “Tom, Tom” continued Jack But Tom still did not talk. Instead, he went in his car and drove away. 

Jack was very angry that his best friend ignored him so he ran to his bike and raced to Tom. Jack was next to Tom and finally, Tom noticed him. 

“Oh. hi.” Tom exclaimed. 

Instead of saying “hi”. Jack replied “Why didn’t you answer me earlier at the parking space. 

“You did? I did not hear you.” Tom gulped “I am very sorry” “NO, that is not true” responded Jack “You were just ignoring me!” “No, I was not” 

“Yes, you were” 

“No, I was not” 

“Yes, you were” 

They were too busy arguing that they didn’t notice the traffic light had just turned red. Jack jammed onto the brake but it was too late. His bike had turned turtle. The box of treats had also been sent flying through the air and landed in front of a big truck. The truck slipped on the box and fell over. The pedestrians scampered out of harm's way. Their hearts were also palpitating with fear. Some people quickly took out their phones and pressed 111 for the paramedic. 

Tom lost consciousness for a while. When he woke up, he was stunned to see the smoke billowing around him. He tried to open his seat belt but it was stuck. He tried to open the door but it would not budge. Just then, he heard the blaring of sirens. Help was on his way. When Tom was finally extricated from his car he stared in shock at the mangled mess around him. The window of his car had shattered into fragments while the boot of his car was smashed. He ran to Jack who was laying on the ground. It was not long after Tom, Jack, and the drivers of the truck were whisked off to the hospital. Jack's legs were badly fractured and he was confined to a wheelchair for a year. Luckily, no one died because of the accident.

Jack and Tom certainly learned a lesson a never dared to argue while driving ever again.