School should start late

  Patsy , 0 comments , 3 min

I normally go to school at 8:30 in the morning and it starts at 8:50. But I am usually very sleepy at that time. Many people believe that school should start later. And I strongly believe that too. To support my beliefs, I have 3 reasons, we would have more time to rest, we would be able to revise work and it would reduce the amount of people who are late each day.


To begin with, students would have more time to sleep. Sleeping is very important for our growth. People have said "Go to bed you'll feel better tomorrow". Sleeping allows our bodies and mind to recharge, leaving us refreshed when you wake up the next day. A healthy sleep also helps the body to remain healthy and stay away from diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly, we find it hard to concentrate or maybe even doze off during classes. So if school starts late we will be able to make our body energised for a whole school day.

Another reason school should start late is that we will be able to revise what we have been learning at school. As a result of revising, you will be able to remember the details of the topic you have studied. By doing this, we will be able to understand things more clearly and will be able to go further into the subject. When students revise at the right time, they will be less likely to experience anxiety and stress during the exam period. It is for this reason that revising is very significant.

Most importantly, making school start late can reduce the amount of people late for school. When a student is late, the teacher needs to repeat the things they have said or ask a friend to help. It is very difficult for other students to concentrate on their work as a result of this. In the event that school starts late, even if we slept in for five minutes, we would still be able to arrive at school in time. 

Considering the reasons outlined above, I believe school should begin later. Our learning will be greatly improved as a result of it.