Little Peekka

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Once upon a time there lived 2 rabbits. The rabbits name was Little Peekka.

Little Peekka lived with her dad in the forest.

Her dad was a teacher at Grandmile school and her dads name was Mr Pikachu.

Mr Pikachu liked to teach math. When little Peekka grew to the age of 5.

He wanted to go to Grandmile school where her dad was teaching. 

When little Peekka started school, she liked it but one person called James kept annoying her.

One day his dad told him said he was going to Europe.

Little Peekka felt happy but James was lying.

Little Peekka and her dad thought that there was a creature in James body but there was no creature.

It was only James behaviour so Mr Pikachu taught James his manners.

It worked!

James was a good student now. James got a lot of friends.

By Jasper in Dec, 2019

Age 7