A Wonderful Present

  Bryan , 0 comments , 3 min

The day of Liam's 10th birthday was a special day for him, and he was very excited about it. Despite the fact that his family was impoverished, he lived in the countryside of Hamilton. He did not expect a perfect present. 

In the early morning, at seven, he woke up, slipped on his clothes and ate the delicious pie his mother had prepared for him. His parents were still asleep. On his birthday, he usually had a present hunt. When he opened the kitchen door, he saw a clue. The clue was 'follow the arrows'. 

Just then, he noticed some arrows on the floor. Liam followed them and was led outside to the farm. He searched everywhere, but he could not find it. At last, Liam looked through the pig farm. Suddenly he saw three strangely-looking boxes in the corner. "My presents," he thought. They were from his uncle, his grandma and his parents. He opened them up curiously. And found many great-looking things. 

Just then, his parents woke up. "Did you like our presents for you?" his parents asked. 

"Yes. I sure do," Liam yelled cheerfully.

Liam had a great day. He played video games, watched TV and played poker. Lastly, late at night, it was time to eat his birthday cake. His mother and father bought him a cake with his favourite TV show picture on it. And it was packed with strawberries and mangoes. 

When he finished eating the cake, his parents told him to close his eyes. The only thing Liam heard was: Thump and Crash. Finally, after 5 minutes of waiting, Liam opened his eyes. To his astonishment, standing in front of him was a sleek blue bike. 

"Thank you, Mummy. Thank you, Daddy." he cried while giving them a big bear hug and a huge kiss on the cheeks.