A Visit to the Circus

  Matthew , 0 comments , 2 min

Yesterday,  my family and I went to the Great Moscow Circus. The circus was help in a beautifully constructed tent on a big open field

There were exactly five full queues of people waiting anxiously to get a ticket. Once we all came in, the ringmaster came on the stage to address us. “Good morning everybody, welcome to the Great Moscow Circus. My name is Tim and this is John, he is a trapeze artist. Her name is Jane and she will be doing acrobatics on the tightrope. The lucky last one is Bob, he will be doing a performance on something special.” said Tim. Behind Tim were three funny looking clowns doing hilarious antics on the stage. The audience bursted out with a spontaneous laugh. 

Next was a John the trapeze artist. He swang on the trapeze above the jubilant audience. John was followed by Jame the tightrope walker. She walked on the rope while juggling balls in the air. After that she rode a bicycle on the rope. A resounding round of applause echoed throughout the tent.

Now it was time for the last show, the one everybody was the most excited about. Just then a loud roar came across the circus. What had just happened? A second later Bob came out with a lion, a hoop and a lighter. First he tied the lion to the pole and then lit the hoop with the lighter. Slowly,  the fire spread across the whole ring. Now we were sure that Bob was a lion tamer.